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General description: Birch species are generally small to medium-size trees or shrubs, mostly of temperate climates.

Common name: Birch

Family: Betulaceae

Height: 20 m.

Aspect: sunny

Soil requirements: moist and well drained; acidic

Why we use in horticulture: one of the most attractive species is the Betula utilis jaquemontii, that – with its white bark and delicate twigs pattern – makes a winter garden less dull and colourless.
In autumn the leaves turn to gold-yellow

Notes: Birches are regarded as pioneer species, rapidly colonising open ground especially in secondary successional sequences following a disturbance or fire. Birches are early tree species to establish in primary successions and can become a threat to heathland if the seedlings and saplings are not suppressed by grazing or periodic burning.


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