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General description: evergreen shrub. The leaves are spirally arranged, often appearing to be in whorls at the end of each shoot with bare stretches of shoot below; they are lanceolate-ovate, 2–10 cm long and 1-3.5 cm broad, leathery textured, and with an entire or serrated margin. The young leaves in spring are typically brightly coloured. The flowers are bell-shaped, 5–15 mm long, white or pink, and arranged in racemes 5–12 cm long. The fruit is a woody capsule which splits into five sections to release the numerous small seeds.

Common name: Pieris

Family: Ericaceae

Height: 1.5  m.

Aspect: partial shade; sheltered

Soil requirements: acid

Why we use in horticulture: valued for year-round interest due to bright red new growth in early spring, chains of small, white flowers in mid-spring, and buds that remain on the plant through the winter.



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